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There are many reasons for being alone on the holidays.

Whether you are alone by choice or alone due to unforeseen circumstances, it is natural to experience feelings of sadness and a lack of motivation.

If  you are anticipating spending the holidays alone, consider taking some of that pressure off your shoulders and exploring ways to make the holidays easier.

Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid loneliness during the Holidays this year.

Three Ways to Avoid Loneliness During the Holidays

1.   Be good to yourself

“While it may not completely erase feelings of loneliness, taking special care of yourself can help you to feel better and enjoy your solitude more. Whether you take a relaxing bath and give yourself spa treatments, curlup with a good book, enjoy a hobby ,or learn something new, doing something for yourself is a form of self-care that is especially important during difficult times,”(VeryWellMind,202

2.    Reframe your expectations 

“TV shows, movies, and now social media constantly show you images of what an“ideal” holiday season looks like. Because of this, it can be easy to feel as though you’re not measuring up when spending the holidays alone.

…Looking at the holidays season from a different angle may help you remove the emotional pressure. Reassessing your expectations for how the season will go instead of how it should go can help.…If you’re going through a difficult time, you could see the holidays as a few days you’ll have to take care of yourself and heal,”(PsychCentral, 2021). 

3.     Share your time

“Giving your time to support a cause is a great way to give back and do good, particularly during the holidays.

The season is typically filled with opportunities to help those in need, including:

  • Donating clothing you no longer use
  •  Giving time to a local animal shelter
  • Visiting an assisted living home or sending them heartfelt holiday cards
  • Volunteering at a homeless shelter Volunteering can make you feel good about yourself and your life,” (PsychCentral, 2021).

If you are experiencing loneliness, call our Senior Life Solutions Department and learn how they can help.   785-364-9610.