Holton Community Hospital History

We Go the Extra Mile Winners

                     Season Brown

                          Bea Sevilla

                         Allie Summers

Season went above and beyond her normal job description. With housekeeping staff being short handed and census being high she helped with housekeeping duties. It has not been uncommon for me to see Season with cleaning supplies in hand. She is a great example of going the extra mile and always doing so with a smile!
Thank you to Robyn and Shannon Wright for sponsoring the award!
Being the only COVID-19 team member in the building I was in need of some help. Bea in the lab department did not hesitate one bit to stop her work in the lab to help me collect a COVID test in the shed. Thank you Bea for lending a hand to a co-worker in need. We appreciate you!
Thank you to Robyn and Shannon Wright with Edward Jones for sponsoring this award!
A patient stopped in at registration today to tell me how kind Allie was to her. The patient was having difficulty with her asthma and was upset that she forgot her water today. The patient said Allie went right away and got her a cold bottle of water. She really appreciated Allie’s thoughtfulness towards her. Thank you Allie for making us all look great and taking care of our patients.
Way to go Allie!