Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Roxie Bazan

We are immensely proud and grateful to acknowledge Roxie, a valued member of our maintenance department, for her extraordinary act of kindness and compassion. Demonstrating service well beyond her regular duties, Roxie’s recent gesture towards a swing bed patient on the nursing floor stands as a shining example of empathy in action.

Faced with a situation where the patient needed clean clothes but had no nearby family to assist, Roxy displayed remarkable thoughtfulness and concern. Understanding the importance of comfort and dignity for our patients, she volunteered to take the patient’s clothes to her own home for laundering. This act might seem simple, but it resonates deeply with the values we hold dear in our healthcare community.

Returning the next day with the freshly washed clothes, Roxie not only fulfilled a vital need but also brought a sense of normalcy and care to the patient’s experience in our facility. Her willingness to go the extra mile, especially in a way that extends beyond her official duties, highlights her exceptional character and dedication to the well-being of those in our care.

Roxie’s actions exemplify the highest standards of empathy and compassion. Her kindness reminds us of the profound impact we can have through small, thoughtful gestures. We are truly fortunate to have Roxy as part of our team and commend her for her outstanding commitment to patient care and service excellence.