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Holton Community Hospital History

Holton, KS [12/12/2023] – The collaborative efforts of Holton Community Hospital/Senior Life Solutions and Willcott Brewing Company culminated in the successful “We Are Stronger Together” campaign, a community-driven initiative that raised over $25,500 for cancer awareness, suicide prevention, and health services.

Expanding from last year’s focus solely on breast cancer awareness, this year’s campaign embraced  a broader spectrum, underlining the message that unity in diversity can forge stronger support systems within the community. The slogan “We Are Stronger Together” encapsulated this ethos, rallying residents to support each other and spread awareness about crucial health issues.

The campaign was marked by a series of engaging events, starting with a vibrant 5K Color Fun Run on September 16th. Participants painted the town in a spectrum of colors, symbolizing hope and solidarity against life’s challenges. The involvement continued at the Fall Fest on October 14th, where an informational booth provided resources and engaged the community in meaningful conversations about health and support.

The Joint We Are Stronger Committee of Holton Community Hospital Foundation, Senior Life Solutions, and Willcott Brewing Company.

A highlight of the campaign was the ‘Brews for Boobs’ event at Willcott Brewing Company on October 21st. This unique gathering combined community spirit with the joy of coming together for a noble cause, further strengthening communal ties.

The campaign’s success was not just in its ability to bring people together but also in the significant funds raised. The substantial amount of $18,000 is allocated for the purchase of the Mindray Resona i9 Ultrasound Machine for Holton Hospital. This state-of-the-art equipment is a game-changer for early cancer detection and diagnosis, ensuring high-quality imaging and care within the community.

In a heartfelt gesture, $4,000 of the funds were distributed to aid five local individuals battling cancer, providing them with much-needed support in their fight against the disease. Additionally, $2,000 is set aside for the creation of a mural to promote mental health awareness, a testament to the community’s commitment to holistic wellbeing.

The Color Run 2023, part of the We Are Stronger Together campaign in Holton, KS.

The remaining funds have a specific and vital purpose: providing no-cost mammograms for uninsured or underinsured patients, covering an additional seven individuals. This initiative highlights the community’s dedication to making healthcare accessible to all.

Nicole Baum, RN, the Foundation Director of Holton Hospital, expressed profound gratitude and pride in her statement: “As the Foundation Director of Holton Hospital, I feel so honored to have been a part of this.

What a work of art to see our community come together like it did to support those within it. We truly are STRONGER TOGETHER. I can’t thank everyone enough for their generosity and support throughout this campaign. To our sponsors, families, friends, coworkers, local businesses, participants – THANK YOU!”

The Willcott Brewing Company staff, Jen Willcott, Kaitlin, and Nikki Rivers at the Brews 4 Boobs event 2023

The “We Are Stronger Together” campaign exemplifies the power of community solidarity in addressing significant health challenges. Through collective efforts, Holton’s residents have demonstrated that when a community stands united, it can achieve remarkable feats in the realm of health and support.


For more information on the campaign and upcoming events, please contact Roger Stockman, Marketing & Recruitment Manager for Holton Community Hospital.

Learn more about Senior Life Solutions and HCH Foundation or by calling 785-364-9610.

Learn more about our partners at Willcott brewing Company.