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Holton Community Hospital History

Holton, KS [April 29, 2024] – Carrie Lutz, CEO of Holton Community Hospital, joined other Kansas hospital leaders and leaders of the Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) in Washington, D.C., the week of April 16th, for the 2024 American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Meeting, where they met with members of the Kansas Congressional Delegation as advocates for rural healthcare. The meetings on Capitol Hill aimed to advocate for key health care initiatives affecting Kansas, particularly those impacting rural hospitals.

During the week, leaders from health systems nationwide converged on the capital to engage with industry leaders, elected officials, and policy experts. The AHA’s gathering provided a platform for discussions on various crucial topics, including workforce development and health insurance reimbursement policies.

Lutz and her peers discussed significant issues like workforce challenges, particularly in nursing. “We found broad support for initiatives aimed atCarrie Lutz and KHA members in Washington D.C. 2024 protecting our nurses and expanding the pool of nursing candidates,” said Lutz. Notable legislative efforts include those by Senator Jerry Moran, who is working to simplify the hiring of foreign BSN graduates, and Congressman Tracey Mann, who is advocating for the reallocation of unused temporary work visas to nurses.

Another critical piece of legislation discussed was the SAVE Act, cosponsored by Congressman Jake LaTurner and Congresswoman Sharice Davids, which proposes making assaults on healthcare workers a federal crime.

Regarding reimbursement, the delegation addressed the insurance industry’s challenges, particularly those undermining the 340B Drug Pricing Program and issues with Medicare Advantage plans. “Our discussions were robust and aimed at ensuring that there is accountability and that critical Medicare designations are extended,” Lutz commented.

The group also tackled rural healthcare challenges, discussing modifications to the Rural Emergency Hospital program and the anticipation of a Senate bill later this year that will address rural healthcare in a larger House Ways and Means Committee bill.

Lutz emphasized the importance of their advocacy, “It is crucial to make connections and ensure our voices are heard, particularly regarding legislation that might seem beneficial but could potentially harm our communities.”

On her return, Lutz was interviewed by KSNT Channel 27 News. She highlighted the importance of putting a face on rural healthcare for Kansas, noting her numerous trips to the capital and the significance of these interactions.

“Our main objective was to ensure our delegation understands the critical nature of the proposed legislation specific to our organizations,” Lutz concluded. Her efforts to advocate for rural health issues will continue to be a priority for Holton Community Hospital as they navigate the complexities of healthcare policy and reform.

Watch for Carrie Lutz’s interview on the KSNT Channel 27 morning show, where she will delve deeper into the outcomes of her Washington D.C. trip and what it means for the future of rural healthcare in Kansas.

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