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Holton Community Hospital History

HCH Unveils New Vision Statement to Guide Future Growth and Excellence

Holton, KS – Holton Community Hospital (HCH), a cornerstone of healthcare in Northeast Kansas, is proud to announce its new vision statement: We deliver patient-centered care, leverage innovative technology, and collaborate with the highest-quality specialty services to be Kansas’s most trusted healthcare destination. This new vision aims to set a clear and inspiring roadmap for the hospital’s future endeavors and commitments to the community it serves.

The development of this new vision was led by Kristi Roush, Director of Ancillary Services at HCH. Recognizing the need for a guiding statement that matched the hospital’s ambitious goals, Kristi initiated a comprehensive process involving a committee of dedicated front-line staff members from the Service Excellence Committee. These individuals brought diverse perspectives and a shared passion for enhancing the hospital’s culture and operational excellence.

“Our mission has always guided us, but a clear vision statement was necessary to articulate our future direction and the standards we strive to meet,” said Kristi Roush. “This vision not only reflects our commitment to innovation and quality but also establishes a foundation for sustainable transformation and excellence in healthcare delivery.”

The new vision statement is a result of months of collaborative efforts among the committee members, who meticulously crafted and refined the statement to ensure it truly represents the aspirations and values of HCH. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance the hospital’s culture, particularly focusing on recruitment and retention—a passion area for Kristi and a critical aspect of the hospital’s continuous improvement.

With the vision now clearly defined, the committee will move forward to establish specific goals and strategies to bring this vision to life. These efforts are designed to resonate deeply with all staff members, propelling HCH toward the forefront of healthcare providers in the region, particularly in a post-COVID era marked by significant shifts in healthcare needs and delivery systems.

Holton Community Hospital invites the community and healthcare professionals to join in embracing this new vision as it continues to provide personalized, compassionate, and excellent healthcare services.

About Holton Community Hospital:
Holton Community Hospital is a 501c3 non-profit, rural community hospital dedicated to providing professionalism, compassion, and excellence in healthcare. Located in Holton, Kansas, HCH serves as a primary healthcare destination for Jackson County and surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services and a commitment to high-quality care.

You can learn more about Holton Community Hospital and it’s mission to serve its community HERE.  Holton Community Hospital is a member of the Kansas Hospital Association dedicated to working in cooperation with surrounding hospitals to provide Kansans with the best possible health care.HCH Unveils New Vision

Roger Stockman
Manager of Marketing & Recruitment
Holton Community Hospital