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Gov. Laura Kelly Visits Holton Community Hospital to Advocate for Medicaid Expansion in Kansas


Gov. Laura Kelly at HCH on 12/14/2023
Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly speaking at HCH on Medicare Expansion.

Dec 12, 2023 Holton, KS – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly visited Holton Community Hospital to discuss her initiative for the expansion of Medicaid in the state. Accompanied by Kansas State Senator John Doll and Holton Community Hospital CEO Carrie Lutz, Gov. Laura Kelly addressed a gathering that included hospital staff, board members, local residents, representatives from Kansas Hospital Association and media.

The Governor’s visit centered around a bipartisan legislative push aimed at extending Medicaid coverage. This initiative, as Gov. Kelly emphasized, is crucial for safeguarding rural healthcare access in Kansas, especially amidst the escalating costs of living, insurance, and medical care.

Senator John Doll, representing the Republican support for the initiative, highlighted the importance of bipartisan cooperation in addressing the healthcare needs of Kansans. CEO Carrie Lutz spoke about the direct impact of Medicaid expansion on rural hospitals like Holton Community Hospital. She detailed how the expansion would alleviate financial pressures on rural healthcare facilities and improve healthcare outcomes for residents.

Gov. Laura Kelly with KS Sen. John Doll and HCH CEO Carrie Lutz
KS. Sen. John Doll (R) giving a speech in support of Medicare expansion with Gov. Kelly and HCH CEO Carrie Lutz.

Governor Kelly said, “By expanding Medicaid with this bill, we will inject millions of dollars into rural hospitals just like this one in Holton.  Since 2014, eight of our rural hospitals have closed — including one just two months ago — and right now, 59 of the remaining 102 rural hospitals across Kansas are in danger of closing.”

The audience, comprising a diverse group of community members, engaged in the discussion in a brief Q&A period, expressing concerns and hopes regarding the future of healthcare in Kansas.

Governor Kelly’s visit to Holton signifies a committed effort towards addressing these challenges.  Gov. Kelly is hopeful her bill will move forward in the Kansas legislature, with both parties showing a willingness to collaborate for the betterment of the state’s healthcare system.

You can read more about the details of Gov. Kelly’s plan on the Office of the Governor’s state website here.

You can read more about the Leadership of Holton Community Hospital here.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, HCH CEO Carrie Lutz & KS Sen. John Doll (R).
Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, HCH CEO Carrie Lutz & KS Sen. John Doll (R).

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Holton Community Hospital (HCH) maintains a neutral position on political matters, focusing solely on our commitment to the community and ensuring accessible health services for everyone. We recognize the crucial role of the Medicaid expansion program in supporting critical access hospitals across Kansas, including HCH. This program aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive healthcare and strengthens our ability to serve the diverse needs of our community effectively.