Holton Community Hospital History

December 14, 2021


Dear Jackson County Citizens,

Since March of 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has touched each of our lives.  As a healthcare organization, we had high hopes that December of 2021 would look much different to care for our community.  With extreme solemnness and disappointment, I am providing this communication to let you know our staff and resources are strained. Our organization is experiencing record high volumes of Emergency Department patients, in addition to the inability to promptly transfer patients out who are in need of a higher level of care.  Unfortunately we are holding patients (both for COVID-19 complications as well as non-COVID-19 conditions), for over 20 hours and currently are unable to find a bed outside of our state and region.

Our employees remain here for you and do not want you to avoid seeking care, just please be patient, and realize that all healthcare entities and their resources are currently strained.  This is not a Holton Community Hospital issue, it is a national issue and our healthcare providers are striving to provide the best care possible during these extremely challenging times.  We realize this information is in the news media daily and we are hopeful to bring a local context by sharing this information with our community and to keep each of you informed.


Carrie Saia, CEO