Holton Community Hospital History

August 19, 2022 – Holton Community Hospital released its 2021 Annual Report this week that highlights its efforts to continue to provide quality and excellence in healthcare..

“It was a year of staying true to our mission of excelling in providing compassionate care as we were awarded several national patient satisfaction awards” said CEO Carrie Saia. “We are extremely proud of our 2021 accomplishments as outlined in our Annual Report.  As guided by our recent Community Needs Assessment and our own Strategic Plan, we continue to look for ways to improve access to healthcare, work with community partners on a variety of issues, including adequate housing and child care resources and collaborating with other area hospitals to provide 24/7 general surgery coverage.”

The 2021 Annual Report highlights key equipment purchases, awards, patient success stories, quality achievements, our current Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan and employee milestones.

To view the annual report click here:  Final 2021 Annual Report