Holton Community Hospital History

Our Latest GEM Employee
Faith Nelson, RN

Celebrating Our January GEM: Teamwork!

In the spirit of our continuous commitment to excellence in healthcare, we are thrilled to announce the recipient of this month’s GEM award.

Faith’s extraordinary actions during a challenging day on the acute nursing unit serve as a testament to her dedication and compassion. On a day fraught with unexpected closures and an unusually busy schedule, where the acute nursing unit found itself overwhelmed, Faith stepped forward in a moment of need. With schools closed and the Cardiovascular Services Department experiencing a slower day, Faith did not hesitate to offer her assistance where it was most needed.

Her willingness to support her colleagues in a different department, without a second thought, exemplifies the essence of teamwork and empathy. It is this generous spirit and friendly demeanor that promotes a welcoming atmosphere, not just for our patients but within our team as well. Faith’s actions are a vivid illustration of what it means to identify with and understand the perspectives and feelings of others, especially in times of high stress and demand. By taking the initiative to help out the nursing unit, Faith not only showcased her commitment to our values but also took ownership of the situation, demonstrating accountability and respectfulness in every action.

Please join us in congratulating Faith Nelson, RN, on being awarded the December GEM. Her actions remind us of the impact that each one of us can make, reaffirming our dedication to providing care and compassion to those we serve. Faith, thank you for your exemplary service and for being a beacon of teamwork and empathy within our healthcare family.

Learn more about our pledge to our patients, our community and to each other, H.E.A.R.T. HERE.