Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Amber Grollmes

Going the Extra Mile Winner - April 2024

Amber’s Exemplary Leadership Shines Through During a Challenging Shift


In the dynamic environment of healthcare, effective leadership is not merely about managing the tasks at hand but also inspiring and uplifting others during challenging times and go the Extra Mile. On March 11th, Amber, serving as the charge nurse for both inpatient and emergency services, demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities that truly set her apart.

With a staff member calling in sick and no additional coverage available, Amber faced a daunting situation. She was left to manage the departments with an agency nurse who was new to our facility and two techs. Despite these hurdles, the shift was notably smooth, a testament to Amber’s exceptional leadership and the collective effort of the team.

Amber’s ability to guide the team with compassion and lead by example was pivotal. Her unwavering calm and persistent smile throughout the night did not go unnoticed. These qualities not only maintained morale but also ensured a stable and reassuring environment for both the staff and patients. Her leadership ensured that neither staff nor patients felt compromised at any point.

As the provider on duty that evening, I witnessed firsthand how Amber transformed a less than ideal situation into a positive experience for everyone involved. Her approach to leadership—marked by empathy, resilience, and a proactive attitude—exemplifies what we strive for in our healthcare community.

We are grateful for Amber’s outstanding contribution that night. Her ability to maintain composure and positivity under pressure is a skill that benefits us all. Thank you, Amber, for not just managing, but truly leading with grace and compassion. Your efforts are a clear embodiment of the quality and dedication we value at our institution.

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