Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Chelsea Shupe

Chelsea’s Compassionate Care: Nourishing Bodies and Spirits

The Extra Mile Winner for February was faced with a patient who struggled to meet his nutritional needs due to an aversion to the Ensure drinks provided by our kitchen, Chelsea went above and beyond. Understanding the importance of nutrition, particularly protein intake, in recovery and health, Chelsea saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the patient’s experience and wellbeing.

With a keen sense of empathy, Chelsea recognized that the road to recovery is not just about medical treatment but also about comfort, preference, and dignity. Knowing that not everyone appreciates hospital food or standard nutritional supplements like Ensure, she brought in several samples of protein bars and cookies for the patient to try. This simple, yet profoundly impactful gesture allowed the patient to explore alternative ways to meet his nutritional needs, ensuring he could order the ones he liked online.

But Chelsea’s actions didn’t just demonstrate empathy; they were a true testament to hospitality. By sharing her own food, she created a warm, welcoming environment that transcended the usual patient-caregiver dynamic, making the patient feel cared for on a personal level.

Chelsea’s initiative reflects her continual search for ways to assist our patients and staff, addressing their needs with creativity and care. Her approach not only solved an immediate issue but also reinforced the importance of listening to and valuing patient preferences and comfort.

Chelsea Shupe, LMSW is a social worker for Holton Community Hospital as a Case Manager, she works closely with the Patient Care Coordinators taking care of intake and discharge of patients after in patient stays, swing beds and post surgery extended stays.  Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge and has many resources at her fingertips for patients who need assistance after discharge from the Hospital.  You can learn more about hosiptal services HERE.