Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Annie Nissen

Celebrating Compassion and Care: Annie Nissen, Our December Going the Extra Mile winner!


This month, it is our pleasure to recognize Annie Nissen, RN, for her outstanding dedication and compassion.

Annie’s remarkable act of kindness on a particularly busy Friday stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to our patients and colleagues. Amid the hectic pace, Annie took the time to sit with a patient who was feeling alone and anxious about undergoing imaging in Radiology. This simple, yet profoundly impactful gesture, not only comforted the patient but also exemplified our pledge of empathy and respectfulness.

Annie’s approach to care is a shining example of our motto, “Personalized care, hometown heart.” Her ability to consistently think of others, extending a helping hand wherever and whenever needed, is truly inspiring. Whether it’s offering support to a nervous patient or assisting her coworkers, Annie’s actions deeply resonate with the spirit of Holton Community Hospital.

Her dedication to looking out for her patients and colleagues is a reminder of the importance of human connection in healthcare. Annie’s actions go beyond the basic requirements of her role as a nurse; they touch the lives of those she cares for, creating an environment of warmth and safety, especially crucial in times of vulnerability. As we celebrate Annie Nissen this month, we are reminded of the extraordinary impact that thoughtful, compassionate care can have on our patients’ experiences. Her commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty embodies the best of what we stand for as a healthcare community.

Please join us in congratulating Annie Nissen, our December Going the Extra Mile winner, for her exceptional service and for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around her.