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I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Carrie Lutz

April Going the Extra Mile WInner at HCH 2024

Celebrating Our “Going the Extra Mile” Winner: CEO Carrie Lutz

This month, we are exceptionally proud to spotlight a truly inspiring leader at Holton Community Hospital, our CEO, Carrie Lutz, as the winner of the “Going the Extra Mile” award. Carrie’s recent actions exemplify the profound commitment and leadership that shape the exceptional culture of our hospital.

On a weekend not long ago, Carrie was spotted doing something quite remarkable—preparing the on-call apartment for Dr. Schmidt, who was scheduled to stay there. Not only did Carrie spruce up the apartment herself, but she also changed the sheets, ensuring that Dr. Schmidt would have a comfortable and welcoming space during her on-call duties. This act of hospitality was not just about cleaning and preparing a room; it was a profound demonstration of Carrie’s leadership and her commitment to making everyone at our hospital feel valued and cared for.

By taking on these tasks herself, Carrie showed incredible teamwork, freeing up other staff members to continue their vital work without interruption. Her willingness to personally handle these responsibilities illustrates a leadership philosophy rooted in humility and service. Carrie leads by example, adhering to the principle that no task is too small when it comes to supporting her team and improving our hospital environment.

Carrie’s actions reflect the very essence of our values at Holton Community Hospital—Hospitality, Empathy, Accountability, Respectfulness, and Teamwork. She truly embodies the spirit of hospitality by ensuring our facilities are welcoming for all who stay there, and her teamwork shines through her hands-on approach to leadership.

We are immensely proud to have Carrie as our leader. Her dedication not only enhances our work environment but also sets a high standard for all of us. Carrie, thank you for your unwavering commitment and for leading us with such grace and humility. You are a prime reason why our culture at Holton Community Hospital is one of support, excellence, and community.

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