Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Leigh Ann Schultejans

Leigh Ann has been an absolute live saver for our Senior Life Solutions department over these last few months. As we have worked to recruit a new therapist we have had to fill in with PRN staff through PMC, and they are not able to do the individual therapy sessions needed and at times we have had last minute cancellations and/or could not find coverage to offer group therapy. Over and over Leigh Ann has willingly stepped in to do whatever is needed for those patients. This has included doing all of the individual therapy sessions for months now, running multiple group sessions, preparing for every one of those sessions, and then documenting all of it which is quite labor intensive. Truly no one care more about patients and is more willing to do anything to meet their needs than Leigh Ann. ♥

Thank you Leigh Ann for your caring, giving spirit!