Holton Community Hospital History

I Go the Extra Mile Winner
Chris Breshears

Chris worked to have sidewalks and area cleaned prior to employees and other staff coming to work on  an icy/snowy day. She had this completed before 6am when others had arrived to assist. Thanks Chris for thinking of patients and your co-workers safety.

A big thank you to Chris. We had a new driver filling in to drop off our Medline order of supplies and he brought a pallet of supplies in and dropped them in the hallway. Our regular driver breaks the pallet down and brings the supplies in to MM. Chris took it upon herself to break down the pallet of supplies and bring them all into MM before Bobbi and I had a chance to. Very appreciative of Chris and all she does.

Oh my, Chris saved the day for sure. I have a pinched nerve and she saw me struggling and complaining about the chair I was sitting in. She said she could help me out and there was an extra chair in the back I could look at. A chair may seem like something small and insignificant but let me just say it was NOT to me. Just the fact she even thought to inquire and actually listen to the answer was going the extra mile in most cases but offer a possible solution was angelic to my ears today. Thank you Chris for being observant, aware and caring not only for the patients but for your co-workers.

Thank you, Chris!  You are amazing!