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Mental & Emotional Wellness at HCH

Welcome to Holton Community Hospital, your go-to place for Mental & Emotional Wellness. Located in the heart of Northeast Kansas, in Jackson County, we’re a dedicated hospital focused on helping you achieve health for both mind and body. We offer a wide range of services, including help with mental health, support for dealing with loss, and programs for seniors. Our main aim is to help you and your loved ones tackle daily challenges, making sure you have what you need to live a fulfilling life. Find out how our resources can help you on your path to complete mental and emotional well-being.

Mental & Emotional Wellness with Grief Coaching
Contact us at 785-364-9617.

Grief is a deep and important part of being human. It shows us we can heal and change after losing someone or something important. This journey of change can help us find new meaning and purpose in life. It’s important to understand that everyone feels grief differently. Each time we face a loss or a big change, it’s a unique experience.

Four Compelling Reasons to Choose Grief Coaching:

1. Starting Out: Grief coaching helps you figure out how to begin healing. It encourages you to make steps towards growing and healing.

2. Finding Purpose: It guides you to use your grief as a way to find purpose. This helps you move forward on your journey with a clear direction.

3. Discovering Joy Again: Grief coaching helps you become stronger and find happiness even as you heal from your loss.

4. Looking Forward: Unlike therapy, which looks inward, grief coaching helps you look ahead. It’s for those ready to embrace the future, holding onto the good memories as they adjust to changes.

This approach aims to make the concepts more accessible and the steps easier to understand.

Remember, people dealing with grief aren’t broken. They often just don’t know how to deal with this big change. They might wonder, “Where do I start?”, “What will happen next?”, or “Am I doing this right?” Grief coaching can be a big help. It gives support and a place to talk about their feelings as they work through their grief.

Traci Smith is a skilled social worker and grief coach. She knows how to help people through these tough times.

Traci Smith is also availalbe through the Home Health & Hospice department.  Learn more HERE.

For questions or to book an appointment, call Traci Smith, LMSW at 785-364-9617.

Menatl & Emotional Wellness grief coach Traci Smith, LMSW at HCH

Mental & Emotional Wellness with Senior Life Solutions®
Contact us at 785-364-9610. 

Our program is a voluntary outpatient mental health program designed to address the distinct needs of older adults, typically aged 65 or older, who are struggling with depression and anxiety, often related to the challenges of aging.

If you or someone you know has recently encountered any of the following situations, this program may be suitable for you:

• Recently experienced a traumatic event
• Lost a spouse or close family member
• Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
• Changes in appetite
• Difficulty sleeping or changes in sleep patterns
• Loss of energy
• Feelings of sadness or grief lasting more than two weeks
• Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness 

Our team includes experts like a certified psychiatrist, social workers who run group and individual talks, and a nurse who checks health signs on group days and shares updates with doctors every week. We also have other professionals focused on helping seniors feel emotionally well.

Family members, doctors, or other health experts can recommend people to our program. But, you don’t need a doctor’s note to join.

For more information about Senior Life Solutions, call 785-364-9610. 

Menatl & Emotional Wellness The Senior Life Solutions Team at HCH

Nicole Baum, RN, Director; Jordan Jones, CNA; and Tiffany Blevins, LMSW

Mental & Emotional Wellness at HCH

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