Holton Community Hospital History

Our Latest GEM Employee
Chastity Schumann

Chastity to our Home Health and Hospice Department. Her dedication and compassionate service have not only enriched our organization but also profoundly impacted our patients and team members. This week alone, Chastity’s exceptional efforts deserve special acknowledgment:

1. Proactive Patient Care: Despite a hectic schedule, Chastity took the initiative to assist a therapy maintenance patient who needed lung assessment. By personally attending to this patient in the hospital, she provided valuable education and saved the patient from incurring additional costs for a separate visit.

2. Collaborative Team Support: When Nicole was unable to attend a crucial care plan meeting, Chastity seamlessly stepped in. Her presence ensured that the patient’s provider received all necessary information, demonstrating her commitment to seamless patient care.

3. Adaptive Work Ethic: Recognizing the need, Chastity voluntarily adjusted her schedule to manage daily wound dressing checks. This selfless act not only aided her patient but also alleviated the workload of her colleagues, showcasing her team spirit.

4. Mentorship and Education: Embracing the role of a mentor, Chastity welcomed a Washburn student into our department. Her willingness to guide and provide an enriching learning experience speaks volumes of her dedication to the future of healthcare.

Chastity’s consistent willingness to go above and beyond exemplifies what it means to be a team player, a top-tier clinician, and a valued coworker. Her flexibility and unwavering commitment to excellence are assets to our team. We deeply appreciate all that she does and are grateful for her presence in our organization.