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Our Latest GEM Employee
Nancy Kathrens, RN

Heartwarming Holiday Heroics: Celebrating Our December GEM, Nancy Kathrens

This month, we’re thrilled to honor Nancy Kathrens from the Cardiac & Pulmonary Services Department for her exceptional service and heartwarming actions.

On a chilly and rain-soaked Christmas Eve, while many were at home enjoying the warmth of family gatherings, Nancy demonstrated the true spirit of giving and selflessness. Understanding the challenges of being on duty during such a significant holiday, she brightened the spirits of our staff with a thoughtful gesture. Nancy brought in delicious donuts from the Employee Relations Committee, a small yet impactful act that lifted the morale of everyone working.

But Nancy didn’t stop there. In a true display of empathy and concern, she noticed that many staff members, engrossed in their duties, especially with a busy Emergency Room, hadn’t had the chance to have lunch. Demonstrating an extraordinary level of care and compassion, Nancy went above and beyond. She returned home, prepared a hot, nourishing meal – complete with sides – for both the day shift and night shift teams, and brought it back to the hospital.

This act of kindness is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices our nurses and providers make, especially during times when they’re needed most. As a critical access hospital, remaining staffed during holidays is vital, and Nancy’s gesture highlights the unwavering commitment our team has to our community and each other. Nancy’s actions embody the true essence of what it means to be part of the Holton Community Hospital family. Her generosity and thoughtfulness not only provided much-needed sustenance to our hardworking staff but also brought a sense of home and comfort to the hospital during the holiday season.

We cannot thank Nancy enough for her self-initiated, heartwarming actions. She is a shining example of the extraordinary individuals who make up our team. Please join us in congratulating Nancy Kathrens, our December GEM, for her remarkable contributions and for going above and beyond in her service to our community and colleagues.