Holton Community Hospital History

Our Latest GEM Employee
Brenda Karn, CNA

A Heartwarming Gesture of Empathy and Hospitality: Celebrating Brenda

At HCH, our commitment to care extends beyond the walls of our facilities, touching the lives of our patients in the most profound ways. This month, we are proud to spotlight Brenda, a true GEM Employee, whose recent act of kindness perfectly illustrates the empathy and hospitality at the core of our values.

Faced with a situation where a patient needed to return home promptly after her appointment, and with the general transportation van unavailable, Brenda stepped forward with a solution driven by pure compassion. Understanding the importance of the patient’s time and well-being, Brenda did not hesitate

to offer a personal drive home. But Brenda’s thoughtfulness didn’t stop there.

Recognizing that the patient was concerned about missing lunch due to her tight schedule, Brenda took an extra step. She visited the DQ drive-thru, ensuring the patient had a meal before her next appointment. This simple, yet incredibly thoughtful gesture, not only addressed the immediate needs of the patient but also provided comfort and reassurance during a potentially stressful time.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Brenda for her outstanding display of kindness and support. Your actions embody the very essence of the GEM recognition and remind us all of the profound impact we can have through gestures of empathy and hospitality. Brenda, you truly are a GEM, and we are incredibly proud to have you as part of the Holton Community Hospital family.