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Cheryl Yingst

A patient with heart failure and an LVAD who is waiting for a possible heart transplant recently completed his allowed Cardiac Rehab sessions.  He had improved exercise tolerance and strength after several weeks of cardiac rehab and was making good progress. He then developed some unanticipated  health complications that interrupted his Cardiac Rehab course. However,  he was able to recover and resumed his Cardiac Rehab ultimately completing his usual allotted 36 sessions.  However d/t his break in therapy and hospitalization he basically had to start over again from a conditioning standpoint. We felt he would benefit from more sessions and his LVAD team agreed writing another order and documentation to extend his treatment sessions. Cheryl went to work contacting his insurance to obtain authorization for additional Cardiac Rehab sessions.  After several phone calls, faxing multiple requests for more information and waiting on hold for several hours she was able to successfully obtain authorization for more sessions.  It is very important for this individual to stay in his best health possible so he can stay on the transplant list and hopefully get a heart transplant.  Thank you Cheryl for being an incredible patient advocate!!!