Holton Community Hospital History

Department Spotlight Cardiovascular Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation is for patients recovering from a heart attack, coronary artery angioplasty and stent, stable angina, heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, heart failure, heart transplant or treatment with a heart assist device.

The program goals are to improve cardiovascular conditioning and exercise tolerance as well as increase the patient’s knowledge about their heart condition and how they can reduce their individual risk factors.

Supervised Exercise Therapy or SET for patients with Peripheral Vascular disease that causes pain in the muscles of their legs with walking.  The program goals are to help patients learn to exercise in a way that will allow them to increase their walking distance and lessen their walking leg pain.  They will also learn about their peripheral artery disease and ways to reduce their risk factors to limit progression of their disease.

CVS also performs stress Testing including Nuclear Medicine stress test to evaluate blood flow to the heart.  It is an excellent diagnostic tool for coronary artery disease.

They also perform EKG’s and Holter monitors to evaluate  heart rhythms.

Respiratory Services provided include  Pulmonary Rehabilitation, which is a new program a Holton Community Hospital.  Pulmonary Rehab is for patients with COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension and Post- Covid -19 infection that causes persistent respiratory insufficiency 4 weeks following their infection.  The Program involves exercise to improve patients exercise tolerance and improve their ability to function in daily life and activities.  Education involves learning breathing techniques, and ways to better manage their shortness of breath as well as education about their disease process  and how to better manage their symptoms and lung disease.

We also do complete Pulmonary Function Testing to help diagnose lung diseases like COPD, emphysema, and interstitial lung disease. Exercise Oximetry  helps diagnose and document the need for supplemental oxygen therapy and have a night-time oximetry machine that can be sent home with the patient to evaluate oxygen levels while a patient is sleeping.

Department  hours are M-F 7am-4:30 pm.

Our CVS staff includes:

Andrea Day RN

Barb Ryder RN

Cheryl Yingst RN

Laura Aberle RN

Lisa Scheele CNA  

Mary Manning RN

Nancy Kathrens RN