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Home Health and Hospice

Our home health and hospice department is unique to Jackson County and proud to serve our community. Our home health department consists of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social work, who all work as a team to help patients remain in their home as safely as possible. We provide services such as wound care, IV antibiotics, medication management, and education on disease processes. Our therapists work together to help strengthen patients and also provide education and assistance with adaptive devices so that patients can perform routine activities of daily living as safely as possible. Speech therapy not only provides support with swallowing difficulties, but also uses techniques to help improve a patient’s cognition. Our main goal is to help patients and caregivers be as independent as possible in managing their own care. When patients are in need of longer-term assistance in their home, our social worker helps the patient find community resource providers, to provide those services. 

Our hospice team is the only local hospice agency serving Jackson County. We provide physical, social, spiritual, and emotional support to not only patients, but to their loved ones as well. Our team consists of a hospice medical director, nurses, social work, spiritual counselors, volunteer, and bereavement coordinators. We work as an interdisciplinary team along with the patient’s chosen provider, to determine the needs and best treatments for the patient and their loved ones. Our primary focus is ensuring quality of life. There are a lot of myths about patients who are receiving hospice care. One of the biggest myths is that the patient will pass shortly after receiving hospice services. Patients who actually receive hospice care earlier in their disease process actually live a more satisfying life. With proper management of symptoms, patients can have more quality of life and may live longer while on hospice services. While patients are on service, they have the ability to receive volunteer services from Jackson County Friends of Hospice, our partnered  volunteer organization. Our hospice volunteers provide a range of services from direct patient care, to providing meals, cleaning, and family support. Through the hospice benefit, patients also have the ability to receive inpatient care at our hospital for symptoms that cannot be managed in the home. We also provide respite services to help provide caregiver breaks when needed.  We serve patients within a 30 mile radius from the hospital, which includes Jackson, Brown, Pottawatomi, Jefferson, Atchison, and Shawnee counties. We are available for free consultations to help patients and families understand home health and hospice benefits and how we can assist them as needed. Our staff live locally and are able to assist patient’s in a more timely manner than other agencies who service this area. Our home health department is currently rated 4 ½ stars for quality of care and 5 stars for patient satisfaction. Our hospice team has won awards 2 years in a row for patient satisfaction. We are proud to serve our local community!