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Our Latest GEM Employee Leanna Strecker, RN
Acute Nursing

Leanna: A True GEM Example of Going Above and Beyond

This month, we are thrilled to celebrate an individual who embodies the very essence of our GEM recognition—Leanna. Her actions on a night she wasn’t even on call remind us of the profound impact dedication and teamwork can have, not just within our walls but beyond them.

The evening unfolded with an urgent call from a home health patient. Although it was her day off, Leanna promptly notified the on-call nurse. However, fate intervened, and the on-call nurse faced a sudden mishap—a blown-out tire, leaving her stranded and unable to reach the patient. Understanding the urgency of the patient’s needs and with a commitment to ensure timely care, Leanna did not hesitate. She stepped in to visit the patient herself, ensuring no delay in the care that was crucially needed.

But the story doesn’t end there. Demonstrating incredible teamwork and community spirit, Leanna’s husband joined in the effort. While Leanna attended to the patient, her husband drove to the stranded nurse’s location and changed the tire, ensuring she could safely continue her duties. This act of kindness and support is a wonderful reflection of the values we cherish.

Leanna’s willingness to go the extra mile on her day off, supported by her husband’s equally commendable actions, showcases the best of what our team represents. Together, they ensured that patient care remained uninterrupted, while also assisting a colleague in need.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Leanna for her exemplary service and to her husband for his generous assistance. Leanna, thank you for being a remarkable team player and for taking such great care of our patients and your fellow team members, even on your day off. Your actions inspire us all and highlight the powerful impact of compassion and teamwork in healthcare.

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