Embrace The Future

Holton Community Hospital completed a comprehensive building and renovation project. The finished building includes:

  • Additions to the Emergency Department
  • A New Clinic Building
  • Updated Operating Area
  • Renovated Specialty Clinic
  • New Office Space
  • Improved Patient Privacy
  • Meeting and Training Space
  • Updates to Current Spaces
  • Room for Growth

While a significant portion of the project adapted the current space, there is 6,594 feet of new clinic space. The Emergency Area expanded into the parking lot. Parking was designed around the new construction. The inpatient wing expanded out from the current hallway. The Specialty Clinic expanded into current office space and into a courtyard. Office space, meeting and training rooms were added to a second floor of the new clinic building.

The Purpose Of The Building Project
The hospital’s ability to grow was restricted by space restraints. The entire project was designed to meet the unique challenges of healthcare in a rural setting.

The previous hospital was built twenty years ago. The same was true of the clinic building we had been renting for that same length of time. In the time since the hospital was originally completed, Holton Community Hospital started providing more in-house services such as Pulmonary Function Testing, Nuclear Medicine, and others, which required more equipment and more space.

We are proud to have the building project completed. Thank you to everyone who supported the expansion and renovation!