Visitor Information

Visitors Are Limited

Hospitalized patients will be permitted one designated visitor per hospital stay during business hours. No visitors younger than age 12 are allowed. We highly discourage visitors over the age of 65 and those with heart disease, lung disease or diabetes from visiting the hospital or accompanying a patient to a clinic.

Visitor Screening

All visitors will be screened for symptoms and risk factors for COVID-19. Any visitor with symptoms or risk factors will be denied entry into the facility. Visitors that refuse screening will be denied entry.

Visitor Access

All visitors are required to use the Main Entrance. All visitors must wear a face mask and keep it in place at all times while in the facility

Visitor Hours

Visitation is limited to business hours.
7am to 6pm M-F
8 am to 12 noon Weekends & Holidays

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you have questions concerning visiting hours or to find the best times to visit your friends and family members feel free to Contact Us.